Custom Address 1: Amy and Kevin

Custom Address 1: Amy and Kevin

This is the first Custom address that I ever wrote for a couple, back in 2013. It was a labor of fear and determination. I had never done anything like this before, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I could.

The first problem that I had was figuring out what to ever write about! I had interviewed them for an hour and had listened to the recording numerous time, taking notes all the while. Their story was pretty clear to me, I just needed to figure out the angle.

I went back over their ceremony script, which they had provided me already written. The thing that kept sticking out for me was the mention numerous times of their 10 years together. Finally it stuck, I had my angle.

What is 10 years? In purely mathematical terms it’s 120 months, 3652.42 days, or 87658 hours, but it’s so much more than that. When we are young it’s slow as molasses in January. When we get older we blink and miss years at a time. 10 years is change, lots of change.

10 years ago we had to be invited to Gmail, Jar-Jar was making us all question why we loved Star Wars, and flip phones we “hot”. Today we all have Gmail, Jar-Jar is a bad memory, and we carry a small computer in our pocket.

You could still find gas for $1.85 in 2004! Remember renting DVD’s at Blockbuster?

Ten years is also the relations we have with those we love. It is 3,650 goodnight kisses, Thousands more “I love you”‘s, many “I’m Sorry”‘s, and even more moments of love and caring. It’s tears, it’s joy, it’s challenges, but above all it’s building a life in love.

The years contain so much when we have someone we love. We change and grow, and continue to add years of love. Before we know it there are not just ten years, but tens of years, and we have built more than we ever dreamed. This is what I see in store for Kevin and Amy, a future full of love, growth, and dreams. A future of many more years all built upon the 10 years of foundation.

Not only was it a pleasure to send this off to them for approval, but it was a great feeling to deliver it to the friends and family members gathered on their wedding day. To share not only the couple’s story, but to do so in a way that captured the importance of their long time together.

Bringing this kind of storytelling and personalization to a wedding is what I strive for in every wedding. Being the first custom address that I’ve ever written this one holds a special place; it exemplifies the personalization possible in a custom written address.

This will be the first in a series on blogs about Custom written addresses that I have written over the years. Please, stay tuned and enjoy!