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Get the Tools to make your Relationship even better!

You can reduce your risk of divorce! Studies have shown couples who complete the PREPARE/ENRICH program prior to marriage have the potential to reduce their chances of divorce by as much as 30%.

Built on Solid Scientific Research, P/E has improved the rela­tionship satis­faction of over three million couples! P/E has been improved and refined over the years to become one of the best, most effective, easy-to-use rela­tionship assessment tools available. P/E is the number 1 premarital inventory and couples assessment tool and you can get it right here.

You will work with Matt Kenyon, a trained P/E facil­i­tator, to assess your rela­tionship, find and build upon your strengths, find oppor­tu­nities for growth, and help you develop the right tools to have a happy, healthy, and long lasting rela­tionship. You will learn how to commu­nicate more effec­tively with each other so that you can improve your rela­tionship and continue to under­stand, connect, and relate in healthy ways. You will learn and practice skills that will serve your rela­tionship now and in the future.

Working with Matt You will:

  • Identify strength and growth areas in your relationship


  • Explore your indi­vidual person­ality traits


  • Strengthen your commu­ni­cation skills


  • Learn to effec­tively resolve conflicts and reduce stress


  • Compare your family backgrounds


  • Get comfortable discussing financial issues openly


  • Establish personal, couple, and family goals

Any long–term rela­tionship can benefit from PREPARE/ENRICH. It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are engaged newlyweds, or have been married for years. If you’re in a committed rela­tionship, P/E will give you the tools you need for long-term success.

Matt will facil­itate the process that begins with an online assessment to identify your current strengths and growth oppor­tu­nities as a couple. The assessment is followed by weekly discus­sions to provide feedback, help you under­stand the results, and teach you important rela­tionship skills. Whether you are across town or around the world, discus­sions are most commonly held easily over Skype or FaceTime to provide maximum privacy for the couple and ease of sched­uling. From beginning to end, the program is designed to be comfortable, relaxed, and fun!

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