Wedding Services:

Badger Elopement — $225

For couples that want to simply be married without the hassle of a ceremony, includes vows and ring exchange. 20 guest maximum. Two adult witnesses are required and can be provided on request.*

  • The easiest way to get married, it is fast, conve­nient, and as private as you wish.
  • An informal, simple, 5–10 minute process.
  • Up to twenty guests, including your witnesses, are welcome to attend.
  • Available anywhere in Dane County, WI (outside Dane County is based upon avail­ability, travel fees apply, see below)

Keeping it Simple Service — $500

You’ll have a Beautiful Wedding with your family and friends.

  • Imagine not having to worry about your wedding ceremony! You won’t have to worry about a thing when you have us to manage the rehearsal.
  • You have the choice of four different scripts that have been favorites among our many customers. These scripts are both enter­taining and inspi­ra­tional, while fitting your indi­vidual wedding needs.
  • We’ll be at your wedding rehearsal with our years of expe­rience. Rehearsals can be a fun and exciting expe­rience!

Uniquely Yours Package — $750

Your wedding will be unique like you are. Let the customized wedding script tell your story!

  • Your wedding will be as unique as you are! Your customized wedding will tell your personal story or message while it inspires your guests.
  • You’ll work with us to build a beautiful script for your wedding with our unique and easy-to-use
    Script-Design Process.
  • We’ll be there at your wedding rehearsal, managing, with our years of expe­rience. Everybody will be ready on your big day!

Just-For-You — $1500

The ultimate personal touch for your wedding. From beginning to end, the service will completely reflect you!

  • Ever dreamed of the perfect custom wedding before you live happily ever after? You can have it. This is the package that gets it all for you.
  • Imagine having a wedding service written just for you! Everyone at your wedding will know how much you two love an cherish each other. You will have a custom written, personal, wedding.
  • With us to manage your rehearsal, it will be a fun time with friends getting ready for the big day, not a drag that you have to endure. You’ll find us both profes­sional and fun while we get the crew ready for the day.


Custom Written Address — $300

Travel Fees — $0.15/Mile (round trip) + $25/hour of actual driving time (round trip)

  • Applies outside Dane County, WI. (round trip).
  • Lodging cost of $85 a night if the event is more than 200 miles from Madison, WI.
  • Time billed in 30 min incre­ments.

Additional Time — $50/Hour

  • Officiant time and services outside your wedding package are charged at $50/hour.

(25% discount on weddings for coaching clients.)

Premarital Coaching:

Includes an indi­vid­u­alized couples assessment and 9 one hour sessions with your coach. more info

Relationship Coaching:

9 sessions of coaching for one or both of you. Helping you learn new skills and build a new rela­tionship pattern of trust and open honest commu­ni­cation.